A reader of no discernment, a museum fanatic, an in-car singer, a tentative piano player, a stitcher of wonky stitches. I’m fascinated by what can be found in dusty corners, on sun-shy book shelves, in boxes fastened by archival tape and the hidden marks of peoples past. A pragmatic romantic, recently upped sticks from the Shire to a place with paved streets, restaurants in walking distance and people across the road rather than yet more fields. This is where I live now. And it does me very nicely too.

festival 005-pola
This is not me. Just so’s you know.

You can read some of my tweets here. They’ll distract you from the real business of the day for about the same amount of time it takes to eat a bag of Maltesers. But not a family sized bag. I’m also on instagram here; there are far too many pictures of my cats, but not so many of what I’m having for dinner. And I pin stuff too. Occasionally I go outside.

Mum aged 4This is not me either.

I drink whisky, order my own chips and fold down the corners of pages in the books I’m reading. Sometimes all three at the same time.


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