Where am i?

In this mad and beautiful world?

Well, I had a loooooong blogging break partly because I was finding WordPress a bit of a trial but mainly because one of the blogging buddies I’d made on here had died and suddenly there didn’t seem any point in sending words out into the wilderness.

But life changes all the time and I’m living a completely changed existence with boyfriend and cats in a house that we actually own (and something I never thought would happen), an allotment and plans.

After 9 years raising my kid on my own, it is all rather new and strange. Honestly? I love it.

So I went back to blogging, just not on here. If you’re wanting to find me, I’m here: www.whenwilltherebegoodnews.co.uk. Still reading, still pottering, still figuring life out. Come and join me, if you’d like. There will be good news.

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