A Goodbye

My improbably named, feather-tailed-feather-brained, pad pawed, wolf-imitating, caramel hearted, grumble sleeping, hairy stinky barky, loyal-oh-so-loyal mutt.


Stream-paddling, rabbit and squirrel chasing, car singing, postman hating, snow dancing, sofa stealing, speed eating, floppy eared, crimple furred constant companion.


We walked everywhere together. You snored at my feet, worried when I cried, laughed when I did. Rolled on your back making growly noises at your own paws. Refused to come when you were called.

Strider 2

I had to make the hardest decision last week; the house and my heart feel empty. Now, when I walk, I still see you just ahead, looking back to check I’m still following. I am.


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