Finally, we’re in! It’s been a long two weeks of decorating and sorting, topped by an excruciatingly hard weekend of actual moving. Note to self: taking the Saturday night off to drink several vodka tonics till the wee small hours did nothing to help matters. But it was the brother-in-law’s birthday, so I’ve forgiven myself.

There are still many boxes to unpack, shelves to put up and pictures to hang. Books to stack, cupboards to fill and snowglobes to position. It seems I once thought it a good idea to collect All The Things. The livestock are traumatised, the piles totter dangerously and for one hideous moment this morning, I thought I’d forgotten to pack my pants.

I hadn’t.

So there may be another hiatus whilst I try and create order from chaos, but I shall be back soon with pithy observations about moving that obviously no one else has ever thought. Right now though, I should probably go and do some shopping for the fridge is full of naught but wine and cheese. This makes it a perfectly satisfactory fridge in my view, but the Teen informs me she would like some other things in there too.


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