Dear Edwina, Thankyou for last night. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. #bigbenefitsrow

I can’t tell you how angry the current Tory government makes me – even my usual stream of inventive invective dries up. So, for those of you in any doubt of the crippling effects of poverty (which I have experienced) and with any notion that new foodbanks are to be hailed as a success and an indication of good community spirit, please read this.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Dear Edwina;
It’s 9 o clock on Tuesday, the morning after the night before, where we were both on a panel on The Big Benefits Row on Channel 5. I haven’t watched it back, I was there, and know what I look like when I’m angry.
I need to get this out – because it’s everything I wanted to say last night but couldn’t, as I kept being rudely shouted over by you. Honestly, my three year old behaves better than that. At least he knows that when Mummy does her ‘will you just be QUIET and LISTEN to me’ then the best thing to do is to stop running your mouth and let Mummy say her piece.
But you didn’t. Because you were terrified of what I had to say.
I wanted to say, when asked by Matthew Wright, that poverty is almost indescribable to someone as blinkered as…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Edwina, Thankyou for last night. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. #bigbenefitsrow

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  1. I didn’t see the programme, but sounds like Jack got a very rough deal. Edwina Currie’s a ****. Jack’s written an excellent piece – Hope she gets a more civilised opportunity to have her say. Thanks for re blogging. Abby x ( one granny square and stuck!! ;). )

    1. Currie was a disgrace – even if you disagree with someone, to retaliate with personal comments is unforgivable…and just asking for someone to shout ‘John Major’ at you!
      What is it with the grannies – so many get stuck after just one square – hope you push through the crochet wall! Tx

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