There is Treasure Everywhere

Things I like right at this very moment:
Foggy, frosty, sun-bursting, purple-sky mornings
Getting to wear my red beret again (best £12 I ever spent)
The mournful hoarse, high pitched cackle of crows. Crows cackle, magpies rattle.
Two hot water bottles in my bed at night
The return of my king-size 13.5tog duvet from its summer storage and the bedding to go with it
Butterfly wings winking up at me from crusty dusty piles of bark:
Candles in the windowsill
Sundays spent listening to Radio 4 while I make soups and stews and the occasional cake
A moon so bright I don’t need a torch
Discovering a new group with spine-tingling sounds: folk ghost stories amplified by tin cans and string with a name to chill: the Crows’ Bones
Offerings left on gravestones:
The fuggy huffy warmth of a herd of small brown cows just waking up
Toe-crampingly cold evenings outside with my daughter trying to get the telescope to work and then warming up afterwards with hot chocolate
Frost etchings on the landscape
Patches of colour everywhere:
Recently Updated
Raw early morning air with a hint of leaf mould and bonfire
Needle-felting fantastical creatures
The smell of my wax jacket
Clearing bookshelves and finding this again:

I always want to feel like that.


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