Noticing the small, the Blue-by-the Riverbank

Ever since I started noticing lichens at the beginning of this  year, I’ve become more aware of the tiny structures that surround us every day. Being away from the usual surroundings gives me chance to see the details of new small things. From the natural to the man made, they fascinate me: the carapaces of tiny creatures, flowers that hide in the crevices of castle towers, the different shades found in layers of rock, paintings left in hidden niches, small faces that leer and grimace from unexpected places. Even the rusting links on a piece of machinery are strangely beautiful.

IMG_1891IMG_1904IMG_1919IMG_1913IMG_1896IMG_1924IMG_1941Glas y Dorlan

So he said, ‘Let’s begin by naming the creatures.’
Once in the Brecon Beacons we stopped for a picnic
where the river roared headstrong down the mountain.

A sudden electric blue, a shock through the heart.
What was that? A bird diving faster than gravity
into the pool and up with a fish in its beak.

He spoke its name, doused in the shout of the falls.
Fisher -bird, King of the Water, Pioden y Dwr,
Glas y Dorlan. Blue-by-the Riverbank.

Gillian Clarke


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